Hello, My name is Mitsugu Takahashi.

Designer / Developer based in Tokyo.





My name is Mitsugu Takahashi. I was born in 1989 / living in Tokyo. Currently I work as an independent UI/UX designer and belonging to NON-GRID inc.

I’m good at making anti-static vidual and creative developement with JavaScript.
I strive to make flexible ideas accessible with strong concept and daring execution. Also I am a strong believer in minimal design and modern script typography.

Awards & Recognition are Special Kudos - CSS Design Award, Site of the day - Mindsparkle Mag, Design of the day - Design Awards Asia, Booster of the day - Booster, Featured of the Day - CSSLight, Featured in Straightline, Featured in Site we like, Featured in Maxi Best-of


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This is the third time contents for me. It had to be as clean as possible, where anyone could quickly look and understand the basics of the layout.

Role: Design
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