Hello, My name is Mitsugu Takahashi.

Designer / Developer based in Tokyo.





My name is Mitsugu Takahashi. I was born in 1989 / living in Tokyo. Currently I work as an independent UI/UX designer and belonging to NON-GRID inc.

I’m good at making anti-static vidual and creative developement with JavaScript.
I strive to make flexible ideas accessible with strong concept and daring execution. Also I am a strong believer in minimal design and modern script typography.

Awards & Recognition are Special Kudos - CSS Design Award, Site of the day - Mindsparkle Mag, Design of the day - Design Awards Asia, Booster of the day - Booster, Featured of the Day - CSSLight, Featured in Straightline, Featured in Site we like, Featured in Maxi Best-of



TORCH is fashion show's theme. From a design perspective, our main challenge was not to start from scratch, but to build on our senior students made history. The vidual needed to retain the simple vidual and strength it had acquired over time.

Role: Design,Print